The Elephant in the Boardroom (Nov. 2018)

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A Simple Change to Prospect Personas Can Boost Results by 8x

(and why nobody is talking about it)

A simple change in the way you profile the prospects for your real estate project (or anything else for that matter) can boost the effectiveness of your sales program by as much as eight times. In a world where nobody acts their age anymore, gender roles are shifting, income has no bearing on behavior, and all the demographic norms are in flux, why do we still use demographics to try and understand our potential customers?

David Allison, a 20-year-veteran of the real estate development marketing world, has spent three years with a team of university researchers to create Valuegraphics, a more accurate way to understand what our target audiences really want, and what will motivate them the most. Join David and Lasso’s Dave Betcher as they discuss how to use Valuegraphics and learn how to take advantage of the post-demographic world.