Tools of the Trade: Achieving High Adoption of Sales & Marketing Technologies (Nov. 2018)

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There’s a cost to technology both in choosing, implementing and using it. What can we do to help reps drive more sales and truly reap the benefits of technology … by using it? There is much talk about the new home buyer’s digital journey but what about the sales agent?

Does this ever happen in your company? Marketing gets super-excited about a new initiative or a new sales tool is introduced to your team. Maybe it’s a new website, new rendering technology, a new data management tool, or simply a new way to enter and manage leads; but a few months post-launch, it’s discovered that the sales team has not embraced it. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us.

Our panel of industry experts include Matt Riley from Builder Designs, Jake Scherrer from Zillow, John Lee from Rendering House and Dave Betcher from Lasso CRM.

Together, this panel will share stories of sales success, how technology should be introduced, optimized, simplified and answer the question: Is 100% adoption an achievable goal?

The key takeaways will be:

  • Why you need to plan
  • What your sales tech stack should look like
  • What’s most important to your sales team and how you evaluate
  • Top emerging trends and the future of sales technology