Integrations with Lasso via Zapier

Integrations with Lasso via Zapier

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About Zapier

Zapier is a web-based service that allows end users to connect, or integrate, the various applications they use on a regular basis. Connections are easily built via workflows called Zaps that combine a Trigger with an Action. A specific event triggers an action, automating a task for the user. Zapier provides the ability to integrate over 1000 web applications, including Avochato, CallRail, LiveChat, and Facebook.

How Zapier Works With Lasso

Zapier connections to Lasso are made using Lasso's API. There are two versions of the API - the included version that is provided at no cost to you (Lasso API) and the add-on version for which there is a monthly fee (Lasso Pro API):

  • Lasso API - The Lasso API key allows you to connect your contact us form/registration page with Lasso and submit registrations.
  • Lasso Pro API - The Lasso Pro API key allows access to Lasso's pre-built integrations, and provides added features of appending data in Lasso and updating external applications.

Note: Once you have connected Zapier to Lasso, you will need to set up a template, mapping fields to Lasso fields. When you map the Source Type field, enter the Source Type of Online Registration (or other Source Type that is meaningful such as Call In if you are integrating with CallRail). If you do not enter a Source Type in this field, the Source Type entered into Lasso will be API.

Zapier product plans also include a free version and a premium version that provides more features for a monthly fee:

Which Lasso API Plan To Use

Following are some examples of which versions you will need, depending on what you want to do:

  • Push data from online form (registration page) to Lasso. If you simply want to feed your data from your online form (registration page) to Lasso, the Lasso API that is included in your monthly Lasso subscription is all you need.
  • Push data from online form (registration page) to Lasso AND append existing data. If you want the system to check for duplicates and update the data in Lasso rather than adding a new registrant if that registrant already exists, you will need the the Lasso Pro API.
  • Integrate chat or call applications with Lasso. If you would like to integrate an application such as CallRail or LiveChat with Lasso, you will need the Lasso Pro API

Some Application Triggers and How They Apply to Lasso 

Following are some examples of Triggers in various applications as they apply to Lasso:

1 Zapier – Submit a registrant to Lasso via Webhooks by Zapier (with the Trigger of a signup)


2 Unbounce – Submit a registrant to Lasso with the Trigger of New Form Submission in Unbounce


3 - Facebook Lead Ads – Submit a registrant to Lasso with the Trigger of New Lead in Facebook Lead Ads


4 - LiveChat – Submit a registrant to Lasso with the Trigger of Finished Chat in LiveChat


5 - CallRail – Submit a registrant to Lasso with the Trigger of Phone Call Completed in CallRail


Templates Available in Zapier That Connect With Lasso

There are some templates in Zapier that will help you connect specific applications with Lasso. These templates will create and/or update registrants, depending on the application. Give them a try!

To use a template:

1 - Log into your Zapier account.

2 - On the Dashboard, under What apps do you want to connect today?, start to type LassoCRM in the Connect this app... field. 

3 - Click Try This on the application that you want to connect to Lasso and follow the steps in Zapier.

Note: You must have an account in the application that you are connecting with Lasso.