Add and Update Registrant Profile

Add Registrant from Sales Center Home Page

See also Add Registrant from Existing Registrant's Profile.

If you prefer to watch a video on Add Registrant from Sales Center Home Page, click play below:


1 – In the Sales Center Sales Center, click Registrants and select Add.

2 – Enter the registrant’s First Name and Last Name (these fields are required), and any other details. Note that Walk In is the default Source Type.

3 – Click Create Registrant.

Note: If the name or email address you have entered matches any registrants already in the database, you will see a notification of Possible Duplicates at the top of the Add Registrant form and a list of the Possible Duplicates at the bottom. Clicking on a name in the list at the bottom will take you to the Registrant Profile.

4 – You will be taken to the Edit page for the newly added registrant. Enter additional information such as answers to questions if applicable. Your entries will be saved automatically. Click on Back to Profile to manage Activities or History.

Note: When you made a change on the Edit page, you will see spinning green arrows at the top to indicate the change is taking place. The arrows will disappear once the change has been saved.

Note: If there are other registrants with the same email address in the database, you will see a Duplicates box beside Settings in the right top corner of the page. Click to view and manage duplicate Registrants.