Add Contact History to Registrant Profile

Add Contact History to Registrant Profile

If you prefer to watch how to Add Contact History to Registrant Profile, click play below:


1 - In the registrant profile, click History.

- Select the Type of history in the dropdown.

- Enter a Subject for the history item.

- The Date will default to the current day and time. Adjust if needed.

5 - Enter details in the Comments space.

6 - If you would like to add history item to the Notes section of the registrant profile, check the box beside Copy to Notes.

Note: By using the Copy to Notes function, you can quickly see what's gone on with the registrant by viewing the items in the Notes section versus having to click through History items.

The item will be listed in the History section of the registrant profile and, if you selected Copy to Notes, it will also show as a note in the Notes section.

Note: History cannot be deleted.