Registrant Appointments

Registrant Appointments

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You can schedule appointments with registrants from either the Sales Center Home Page or the registrant profile.

If you are an Online Sales Counselor (OSC), you can easily associate a registrant from the OSC project to a community project and assign the registrant to a sales rep, all while scheduling their appointment. You can choose to send Calendar Email Invites and Text Message Reminders when creating or updating appointments as well.

The appointments you schedule will appear in the Appointments section of the registrant profile as well as the Sales Center Home page of the project you selected when creating the appointment. You can view all the appointments you created in a cross-projects Appointments Report. No matter what project you are logged into, you will see all the appointments you created, including appointment status and assigned sales reps. Please note that the data in this report will be yours only. In order to share the report with your manager or co-workers, you will need to export the data to a CSV or Excel file.

Some key features include:

  • Creating Appointments Cross-Project
  • Assigning Registrants During the Appointment Creation Process
  • Sending Calendar Email Invites
  • Setting SMS/Text Reminders
  • New Cross-Project Appointment Report