Inventory Center - Search/Filter Inventory

Inventory Center - Search/Filter Inventory

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About Inventory Search/Filter

You can search for units in the Inventory Center and filter by various criteria. Both the Inventory Search shortcut and the Inventory Search in the Inventory dropdown on the Inventory Center Home Page will bring you to a complete listing of inventory units and associated details. You can search and filter on the following criteria:

  • Basement Sq Ft
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Color Scheme
  • Created
  • Definition
  • Enclosed Balcony Size
  • Exposure
  • Finished Sq Ft
  • Floor
  • Initial Price
  • Legal Fee
  • Locked
  • Maintenance Fee
  • Open Air Balcony Size
  • Plan
  • Property Tax
  • Sq Ft
  • Standard Finishings

Search/Filter Inventory

1 - In the Inventory Center, click on the appropriate Component tab, if applicable. You won't see Component tabs if there is only one.


2 - There are two ways to search:

  • Click on the Inventory Search shortcut Inventory Search in the top right.
  • Hover over Inventory and select Inventory Search.

3 - This brings you to the Inventory List. To search on specific criteria, click on Filter above the list.

4 - Click on the Field dropdown and select the Field you want to search.

Example: If you want to search for all 2-bedroom units, select Bedrooms in the Field dropdown.

5 - Click on the Comparison dropdown and select is to include your criterion and is not to exclude it.

Example: Select is to find all 2-bedroom units. Select is not to exclude all 2-bedroom units.

6 - Click on the Value dropdown and make your selection.

7 - Click on the plus sign to add other criteria, if desired. You may add as many conditions as you like.

Example: If you want a list of all 2-bedroom units that are greater than 1000 sq ft, select Bedrooms for the 1st Field, is for the 1st Comparison, 2 Bedroom for the 1st Value, AND for the condition, Sqft for the 2nd Field, is greater than for the 2nd Comparison, and 1000 for the 2nd Value.

8 - Once you've chosen your criteria, click on Filter.

Lasso returns the results of its search by listing all units that match your criteria. Clicking on the Unique ID (UI) of a specific unit will take you to the unit details.