FAQs - Reporting Dashboard on Lasso Home Page

FAQs - Reporting Dashboard on Lasso Home Page

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About Reporting Dashboard

We're excited to announce the new Reporting Dashboard on the Lasso Home Page and we're looking for your feedback! This dashboard is just the beginning of a series of enhancements we are making to the reporting that is available in Lasso. The new dashboard features cross-project reporting and interactive charts that are designed to answer questions about your business, including:

  • How many leads are coming into each project?
  • How many appointments are being set and how many are being completed?
  • How are sales reps performing?
  • Are activities being completed?
  • How are marketing campaigns performing?
  • What are the conversion rates from lead to purchaser, and how long is it taking to convert?

Features that answer these types of questions will be released gradually so check back each week to see what’s new! The types of charts and information displayed in the dashboard will depend on the unique setup for your company as well as the roles and permissions that have been assigned to you. If you have any questions, or have feedback on the reports, please contact your Client Director.


When you are viewing the current dashboard, please keep in mind that new features will be added over the next few months and we want your feedback! Use the Feedback button available under the Help tab on the Lasso Home Page or Sales Center Home Page, or contact your Lasso Client Director.

In the meantime, there are few things to note:

  • The data that is represented in the dashboard when you initially log in shows all new traffic for a selected date range - This MonthThis Year, or Last Month. The date range is selected in Settings and will be saved when logging out. 
  • Marketing project data (i.e. a project specifically used for mass mail, that automatically populates with all registrants that are added to your other projects) is not  included in the Reporting Dashboard numbers.
  • Traffic tab counts are based on new registrants in each  project. If a registrant is entered into one project and then is associated to another project (e.g. OSC and community projects), they will be counted twice on the Traffic tab. 
  • The information that you see depends on your sales role(s) and permissions:
    • If you have a Sales Manager role on all your assigned projects, you will see data for all assigned projects and associated users.
    • If you have a Sales Rep role on any  of your assigned projects, you will see only your own data for all assigned projects.

How To Use Reporting Dashboard

To access the Reporting Dashboard, click Dashboard BETA to the left of My Roles.


This takes you to the Reporting Dashboard where you will see the following sections:

  •  Volume Report - A line graph displaying the number of new registrants for the selected timeframe. The vertical axis of the graph represents the registrant count and the horizontal axis represents each day of the month or each month of the year, depending on the timeframe selection. The default display is all new registrants for the current month.
  • Completed Activities - An area chart displaying the completed activities (count and/or registrant list) for each selected Project and Sales Rep. The vertical axis represents the sales rep(s) and the horizontal axis represents the number of completed activities.
  • Registrant History - An area chart displaying the history (count and/or registrant list) for each selected Project and Sales Rep. The vertical axis represents the sales rep(s) and the horizontal axis represents the number of history items.

Click the Settings button to select and view the data based on specific criteria, and click the Chart button to display the list of registrants or both the graph and the registrants.  

Note: The numbers and lists that you see are dependent on your sales roles and associated permissions.




Select Criteria:

The tabs at the top of the Volume Report represent the following:

  • Traffic - Number of registrants whose Registration Date is within the selected timeframe (registrants assigned to more than one project are counted for each project they are assigned to)
  • Appointments - Number of appointments within the selected timeframe
  • Appointments Held - Number of appointments within the selected timeframe and a status of Completed
  • Sales - Number of purchased units with an Acceptance Date that is within the selected timeframe


The second row of the Volume Report displays area charts representing registrant counts by Sales Reps, Projects, Rating, Source, Secondary Source, or Follow Up Process. Hover over a point in the chart to view specific numbers for the day or month, depending on the selected timeframe.


In the third row, select the timeframe of This Year, Last Month, or This Month.

Clicking the dropdown arrows under Project and Sales Rep will allow to you to select and display the data by specific projects and sales reps.


In the Completed Activities and Registrant History sections, select the timeframes, projects, and sales reps as in the Volume Report. Hover over a block of color to see the count for a specific activity or history item.