Lasso Data Export vs Lasso API 

Lasso Data Export vs Lasso API  

Lasso offers two services that allow you to connect your data to external applications:

This article will help you determine which service best meets your needs. You may even want to use both. Following are the top use cases for each.

Top Use Cases for Data Export:

  • Building reports, particularly those that aggregate data across all communities.
  • Joining Lasso data to other databases.
  • Linking to Facebook.
  • Implementing Google Analytics.
  • Exporting large volumes of data out of Lasso.
  • Creating lists of Lasso data, such as history, appointments, and new traffic.

Data Export Need-to-Knows:

  • A full dataset is exported once a day around midnight UTC.
  • An ODBC connection can be made to Lasso data hosted in AWS Athena.
  • Data can be shared with Google BigQuery and used to create reports in Google Data Studio.
  • The database is read-only and cannot be modified. 

Top Use Cases for API:

  • Data needs to be updated in real time.
  • A person or system needs to take action immediately upon a change to the data.
  • A registrant needs to be added into another system when the rating in Lasso turns to Purchaser. 
  • Records from another system need to be inserted or updated in Lasso.

API Need-to-Knows: 

  • The webhook publishes only the current state of the registrant.
  • The data published does not indicate what has changed.
  • The list of what is published can be found in  under Registrant Webhook Event.  


  • The list of when a publish happens can be found in  near the top of the page under The following actions will trigger a webhook event:, assuming no rating filter is applied in the webhook configuration. 


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