Integrate LotVue with Lasso

Integrate LotVue with Lasso

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Need-to-Knows about Integrating LotVue with Lasso

LotVue is a cloud-based lot inventory management system that provides the ability to securely share information on sales, construction progress, budget, and schedule variances with all internal and external stakeholders. Lasso is easily integrated with LotVue so that you can manage prospect relationships and communication in Lasso and the purchase details in LotVue.

Features of LotVue include:

  • Interactive Site Map – Increase home buyer engagement using interactive site maps that provide the information buyers need to progress from expressing interest online, through comparing new home and lot options from multiple builders, to signing a contract with you.
  • Visual Insights and Reporting - Quickly access sales status, construction activity, and inventory information in a single, organized location, and gain valuable insights into your business.
  • Plug and Play – Set up your interactive site maps quickly and easily. LotVue is compatible with your current system or is easily customized to fit your unique business needs, and seamlessly integrates all data so that your key information is accessible in one place.
  • Showcase Images Videos – Manage all your images and video with enhanced, optimized image and video upload capabilities.
  • Scattered Lot Support – Builders with “On Your Lot” and “Scattered Lot” property types can leverage the same power as community-based builders to drive more sales and increase their operational efficiency.

If you are using LotVue to manage your inventory and want to integrate it with Lasso, the first thing you need to do is contact Lasso Support or your Lasso Client Director to initiate the integration. Once the integration has been enabled, you are ready to begin the process of integrating the two systems. Please note that you must have a Project Admin role in Lasso in order to do this.

Before You Start

There are a few things you will need before you get started on the Lasso/LotVue integration.

In LotVue:

First, make sure that the Lasso Integration has been enabled in LotVue. To do this, go to the LotVue home page, click on the Operations tab, and select Marketing.


Click on the dropdown arrow beside the Settings button. You should see Lasso Integration in the list. If you don’t, please  contact LV support via email


In Lasso:

You will need to make sure you have at least one sales rep in rotation so that prospects who sign up via the LotVue contact us form will be assigned to a Lasso sales rep and that sales rep will get an email notification upon signup.

Sales rep rotation is set in the Lasso Project Admin Center. Click Project Setup and select Sales Reps.


In the Default Project Rotation section, check the box(es) beside the sales rep(s) that should be in rotation.


You will also need to have an auto-reply template in place. Make a note of the template ID as you will need to add it in LotVue. The template ID is found in the browser when you click on the template in Lasso.


If you have any questions about sales rep rotation or the auto-reply template, please contact Lasso Support.

Set Up LotVue Integration with Lasso

1 – Open two browsers. Log into Lasso on one and LotVue on the other.

2 – On the Lasso home page, scroll to the Project Admin section, click on the Settings button, and click API Integration Tokens.

Note: You must have a Project Admin role to do this.


3 – Click Generate New API Token.


4 – In the Generate Token for Project field, click the dropdown arrow and select the relevant project.

5 – In the Vendor field, click the dropdown arrow and select LotVue.

6 – Click Generate to generate the integration token.


7 – The new token will now be listed. Click Show Key.


8 – This will show the API key. Click Copy to Clipboard.


9 – On the LotVue home page, click on the Operations tab and select Marketing.


10 – Click on the Settings button and select Lasso Integration.


11 – Click Add API Key.


12 – In the Community field, click the dropdown arrow and select the relevant community.

13 – In the API Key field, paste the Lasso API Key.

14 – Click Save.

Note: You can connect multiple LotVue communities to the same project in Lasso. If the same Lasso API Key is being used for another LotVue community, a message will pop up saying that the API Key is already taken. If you see this message and you do want to connect an additional LotVue community to the same Lasso project, click OK to continue. Otherwise, click Cancel.


15 – The new Community API Key will now be listed. A message will be displayed asking you set up the sales rep rotation id and autoreply template. Click on Manage Contact Info.


16 – On the Manage Contact Form, you will see the default sales rep in rotation. Click on Edit to add the auto-reply template.


17 – In the Lasso autoreply template field, click the dropdown, select the auto-reply template, and Save.

Note: You can also change the Lasso rotation if needed. Click the dropdown and select a sales rep from the list.


The selected Lasso Rotation sales rep and Lasso Autoreply Template will be displayed for the community.


Once the integration is complete, prospective buyers that sign up on the LotVue site will be automatically entered into Lasso with the following details:

  • Source is Online Registration.
  • Secondary Source is LotVue.
  • Auto-reply email shows in History.
  • Notes contain details on the community and lot selected in LotVue.