Sales Center - Send BombBomb Video

Sales Center - Send BombBomb Video

Note: You will need the Chrome browser and a BombBomb account. 

1 – Go to your Chrome browser.

2 – Go to BombBomb and create an account.

3 – Once you have added your signup information, you will be asked to choose your platform. Select Chrome Extension and click Continue.


4 – Click Get the Extension.


5 – Click Add to Chrome.


6 – Click Add extension.


7 – Click on the extension button in Chrome to pin BombBomb to the browser.

8 – Click the pushpin button beside BombBomb Video under Extensions.

This will add the BombBomb button to the browser bar for quick access.


9 – Click on the BombBomb extension.

10 – Click Launch Recorder.


11 – Record your video and Save.

12 – To send the video to your registrant, click either:

  • Copy for Email – paste the video into the email
  • Copy Link – paste the video link into the email


13 – Go to the Lasso registrant profile and click Mail.


14 – If you selected Copy for Email, paste the <a href> html tag into the source code of the template under the <body> tag. If you selected Copy Link, paste the URL into the body of the email.

15 – Make any other adjustments to the email and click Send.


The email will be displayed in the History section of the registrant profile.


Note: For information on integrating BombBomb with other applications, please refer to BombBomb Integrations.